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John Deere Tractor Model 7020

The John Deere 7020 tractor was designed and built specifically for pulling heavy loads. The production run on these tractors lasted 5 years from 1971 until 1975 when the John Deere 8430 tractor replaced it. The JD 7020 tractor was massively powerful for a tractor built back then. The engine powering it is a built by John Deere in house. This engine is a 6 cylinder model that uses an intercooled turbocharger and fires at a compression ratio of 15.7-to-1. The engine has a total displacement of 6.6 liters. Cooling an engine this size requires a large liquid cooling system that has the capacity to hold up to 30.3 liters of water. The engine uses both a pre cleaner and a dual element paper air filter to purify the air intake. The oil reservoir for the engine can hold up to 16.1 liters. The total power output from this engine is 146.2 hp.

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